Babies & Children Photography

The milestones of childhood can never be repeated… but they can be captured in images that tell the story of childhood. As each stage evolves into the next, you think you’ll never forget this moment, but life gets busy and before you know it that moment is gone, and the details tend to be forgotten.

Anovia Bridal loves capturing amazingly natural expressions of children. Though sessions last about an hour (some kids don’t even make it that long!), it’s important that you, as the parent, know there is no rush during the session. I know you make a great effort to get your child to the session looking his/her best, which can be stressful, but we’ll take the time to get it right, and will make the session fun and relaxed. You can’t make a 2 year old sit still and smile a certain way. As a photographer, we have to be flexible. The whole point of the session is to keep the child happy!

A critical factor in making the photo session successful is to keep you (mom & dad) a short distance away. Believe it or not, you can unintentionally become a distraction. Please be prepared to hang back and just observe during the time we are photographing your child being natural. Please don’t say “cheese” or try to get your child to “behave”, but instead plan on allowing us to capture the natural personality of your child(ren). It’s what we do best and you’ll love the end results!