Family Portraits Photography

Documenting the journey of your family can be one of the most joyful ways to preserve memories. Anovia Bridal team of professional photographers have been photographing families for several years now and we find it so fun to see how children grow and change.

A custom family photography session is a luxury and we want to be sure it’s an enjoyable experience. One that focuses on capturing you and your family all together really being you. Our hope is for you to spend your time together enjoying your family. You will cherish this memory.

Anovia Bridal find excitement in capturing the relationships and the feelings in the moments. We believe people want more than just a photograph; they want an experience. They want to be treated special and appreciated by someone who cares as much about family… children… LIFE as much as they do.

Anovia Bridal photography’s images capture more than just smiles, they represent the colors, the details, and a relationship of your family. We enjoy thinking that, as you walk into your living room or down the hall, you stop and admire a wall collage of your beautiful family. I know how much joy those images can bring at the end of a busy day.

As you prepare for your photo session, think theme. What kind of feel do you want for your photograph? Will the final images go well with the decor in the room where you will display them? Are you a “suit and tie” kind of person, or are you more comfortable in a pair of jeans and bare feet? Dress for your personality. In the case of a group photo, decide on a theme and make sure every person in the photograph dresses to fit that theme.