Registration of Marriage (ROM)

Your wedding day is special to you. Anovia Bridal Registration of Marriage (ROM) Ceremony is a special service which provides a framework for you and your love one to personalise your marriage or engagement ceremony in a private and exclusive setting.

There are a number of important choices, including your marriage vows, theme wedding, personal messages of celebration, the music of your choice and the involvement of family and close friends.

After you have given notice of marriage, our wedding consultant will be happy to discuss any aspect of your ceremony to make sure the day is perfect for you. We will be on hand to guide you through the ceremony so there is no need to worry about a thing!

Anovia Bridal will be able to invite the Registrar from National Registration Department (JPN) to conduct the solemnisation of your marriage in our chapel or garden.

Planning your dream wedding is exciting and fun but remember that your wedding will not be legally recognised without a proper civil registration. A civil registration or Registration of Marriage (ROM) is mandatory in Malaysia. If you have not done your civil registration and are wondering how it should be done in Malaysia, please refer to or further details.