Our Designers

About D&L

Established in 1987, founders Daniel Tang & Leslie Lee both had over 20 years experience in the wedding industry. D&L has created a name for themselves not only in Malaysia, but well across Asia and parts of Europe. To date, they have launched the biggest wedding fair in Asia, titled ’19th Century Fairy Tale’.

Weaving dreams and reality is now made possible with D&L. Combining traditional Eastern values with Western concepts, Daniel Tang And Leslie Lee has taken the wedding industry to a new level of sophisticated culture.

Design inspirations from traditional ornaments and dances are given new life in their contemporary bridal gowns. Such creativity and attention to details has made the duo leading trend-setters in the Malaysian wedding industry.

The Designers

Daniel Tang
Born with a natural artistic talent, Daniel Tang has a unique sensitivity towards artistic forms and colours. From the selection of fabrics to colour combinations, enhanced with the use of laces, pearls, flower ornaments etc, Daniel exhibits his unique personality and boldness in his creations.

Leslie Lee
With a pair of ‘free-flowing’ hands, Leslie Lee has always been able to exhibit his skillfulness in sewing techniques, bring a brand new array to wedding gowns. Leslie also has talents in adorning brides with make-up that suits the wedding gowns, adding a complete personalised character to the brides.